Welcome to CNWL Step Up 

CNWL Step Up brings together expert trainers and staff from a wide range of professional backgrounds to support the development, delivery, and evaluation of evidence-based training within and beyond the trust.  

Our courses and events, which range from a single morning or afternoon session to an extended training over several days, aim not only to help you to develop and hone your skills and competencies but to do so in a way that is integrated with, and an expression of, how you would like your career to develop. Here you can learn new skills and interventions that are not only ‘added to’ what you already know but can truly help you to evolve and grow. In other words our courses are designed to help you evolve not only what you do but how you do it. 

CNWL Step Up brings you relevant, topical, and cutting-edge training that will have a demonstrable impact on your own development and the service you provide to patients of the Trust. CNWL Step Up provides training to the wide range of professional groups in the Trust as well as staff from other NHS trusts making the best use of developments in online delivery as well as face to face programmes. 

CNWL Step Up provides bespoke cutting-edge training on topics, issues interventions and developments that arise directly from your teams’ experiences and needs. Contact us to discuss potential training that will enhance the service you offer to your patients and clients.  

CNWL Step Up can meet your training needs regardless of your geographical location. Through our online platform you will gain direct access to expertise and clinical resources that will help you step up your knowledge and step up your practice.